Dental Anesthesia

Two children pretending to be dentistsDr Niki and her team provide high level anesthesia care to pediatric patients throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

The locations serviced include Sacramento, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Stockton.  As a mobile practice, we work closely with dentists in their own office to facilitate dental care for anxious and pre-cooperative patients.  Our goal is to provide anesthetic care to pediatric patients safely in the dental office setting. 


Combating Dental Anxiety Through Anesthesia

According to studies, dental anxiety affects almost 40 percent of the population—while severe dental phobia impacts another 12 percent. A study in 2019 found that almost 10 percent of children also displayed some fear when it came to dental care. This means that many people may be foregoing dental care altogether. 

Anesthesia or sedation dentistry in the Bay Area may be the way forward, encouraging more people to seek out dental care. When there is extensive dental treatment in order, dental anesthesia can mean the difference between a frightening experience compared with a relaxing encounter. Because some patients who exhibit dental phobia as adults may have had a painful or frightening experience in childhood, pediatric sedative dentistry can prevent dental concerns in a child's future.

Is Dental Anesthesia Safe?

In order to reduce risk and ensure a safe procedure, be sure to follow the pre-op instructions provided by Dr. Niki. Make sure you child does not eat or drink anything, not even water, 8 hours before the procedure. You must avoid anything going into the mouth for 8 hours as well, the morning of, they should not be brushing their teeth! 

It is also important to be honest about any medications prescribed to your child or any over the counter (OTC) medication they have been taking. If your child has any coughs or colds, you must notify Dr. Niki. Make sure your child has not been coughing or using cough syrup (or any cough suppressant) within a week of procedure.

Dr. Boloorchi not only administers anesthesia to patients in dental offices, but she also trains dental teams to handle medical emergencies in the dental setting. She is a member of the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists and holds certifications in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. 

Good Candidates for Dental Anesthesia and Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia

Dr. Boloorchi provides everything you need for safe intravenous anesthesia to your patient.

Good candidates for dental anesthesia include:

  • Anxious or phobic patients
  • Patients with an exaggerated gag reflex
  • Patients undergoing multiple or invasive procedures
  • Young children or children with special needs

A dentist checks on her patient's mouth using a small mirrorWorking with a Dental Anesthesiologist in the San Francisco Bay Area

Dr. Boloorchi makes coordinating easy, and all paperwork is downloadable from this website. Her mission is to help dentists create safe and comfortable experiences for patients, which allows for quality dental work every time.

Anesthesia also makes dentistry accessible for those who might forego care due to fear or phobia.

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We proudly serve dentists and their patients throughout the Bay area and surrounding areas, including San Jose, Sacramento, and beyond. Reach out to us today to learn more about compassionate dentistry through sedation.